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The Burials database contains information relating to Burials in the Aslockton Mill Lane Cemetery, the St. Thomas (Aslockton) Churchyard, the St. John of Beverley (Scarrington) Church Yard and the St. John of Beverley (Whatton-in-the-Vale). The names in the database have also been cross-referenced with other sources of information.
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Surname Forename(s) Date Buried Cemetary
AVEY Arthur Richard 25th June 1991 Aslockton - Church
AVEY Bertha Florence 21st December 1986 Aslockton - Church
BAKER Arthur 16th May 1958 Aslockton - Mill Lane
BAKER Charles Aslockton - Mill Lane
BAKER Daisy 4th December 1973 Aslockton - Mill Lane
BAKER Edith Annie (Biddy) 7th March 1969 Aslockton - Mill Lane
BAKER Eric 11th June 1976 Whatton-in-the-Vale
BAKER Frederick Reginald 26th August 1950 Aslockton - Mill Lane
BAKER Geraldine 27th September 1964 Whatton-in-the-Vale
BAKER Harriet Ann 30th December 1951 Aslockton - Mill Lane
BAKER Jesse Edward 19th May 1964 Aslockton - Mill Lane
BAKER Nellie Hilda 16th July 1982 Aslockton - Mill Lane
BAKER Norman Lewis 5th December 1990 Aslockton - Mill Lane
BARLOW Ann 17th March 1723 Scarrington
BARLOW John 1st February 1727 Scarrington
  Records 16 to 30 of 1568

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