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The Burials database contains information relating to Burials in the Aslockton Mill Lane Cemetery, the St. Thomas (Aslockton) Churchyard, the St. John of Beverley (Scarrington) Church Yard and the St. John of Beverley (Whatton-in-the-Vale). The names in the database have also been cross-referenced with other sources of information.
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Surname Forename(s) Date Buried Cemetary
WINTER Mary 4th January 2013 Aslockton - Church
WINTER William 2nd March 1722 Whatton-in-the-Vale
WINTHORPE Jeremy Whatton-in-the-Vale
WINTHORPE Stewart Whatton-in-the-Vale
WOOD Alice 3rd November 1856 Whatton-in-the-Vale
WOOD Hannah 17th April 1885 Aslockton - Mill Lane
WORLEY Ann 19th October 1902 Scarrington
WORLEY Ann 11th March 1884 Scarrington
WORLEY Arthur Harold 14th January 1892 Scarrington
WORLEY David Owen 6th November 1982 Aslockton - Church
WORLEY Ebenezer 16th July 1920 Scarrington
WORLEY Elizabeth 14th April 1901 Scarrington
WORLEY George 8th October 1911 Scarrington
WORLEY Hannah 6th February 1924 Scarrington
WORLEY Herbert Breedon 31st July 1917 Scarrington
  Records 1531 to 1545 of 1568

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