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Cranmer Local History Group Burials

The Burials database contains information relating to Burials in the Aslockton Mill Lane Cemetery, the St. Thomas (Aslockton) Churchyard, the St. John of Beverley (Scarrington) Church Yard and the St. John of Beverley (Whatton-in-the-Vale). The names in the database have also been cross-referenced with other sources of information.
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Surname Forename(s) Date Buried Cemetary
WRIGHT Ivy Whatton-in-the-Vale
WRIGHT Michael Graham 27th December 1995 Whatton-in-the-Vale
WRIGHT Muriel 14th June 2005 Aslockton - Church
WRIGHT Peter Francis 30th December 1991 Aslockton - Church
WRIGHT Rebecca Ann 22nd April 1938 Aslockton - Church
WRIGHT Robert (Stephen Robert) 20th March 1974 Aslockton - Church
WROTH Mary 7th June 1797 Whatton-in-the-Vale
YEMM Bill 1st June 2006 Whatton-in-the-Vale
YEMM Elsie 1st February 2008 Whatton-in-the-Vale
  Records 1546 to 1549 of 1549



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