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Public House Row Saturday 12th December 1891
Annual gifts of Beef Saturday 2nd January 1892
Carriage Accident at Whatton Saturday 23rd July 1892
Consecration of new Church at Aslockton Thursday 21st July 1892 Saturday 23rd July 1892
Marriage of Mary Hoyte to William Taylor Saturday 13th August 1892
Inquest - William Slater Saturday 8th October 1892
Meat for windows and the needy Saturday 31st December 1892
Interesting Discovery Saturday 4th February 1893
First Marriage in the new Church Saturday 20th January 1894
The Feast Saturday 26th May 1894
Beasts killed by lightning during Thunderstorm at Whatton Saturday 2nd June 1894
Property sold by auction Saturday 6th October 1894
Obituary - Mr. Hardy Saturday 19th January 1895
Cricket Club Fixtures Saturday 8th April 1899
Picnic at Whatton-in-the-Vale Saturday 8th July 1899
Montagu Hall leaves the Manor for an indefinite period Saturday 27th January 1900
Promotion of Inspector Sills Saturday 12th January 1901
Parish Meeting Saturday 20th April 1901
Cricket Club Fixtures Saturday 20th April 1901
Considerable progress made with the Harvest Saturday 24th August 1901
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