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Grantham Journal
Saturday 1st January 1870
Assault on train

At the Bingham Justice Room, on December 23, Willam Baxter, of Aslockton, was charge by Wm. Bates of Alverton, with assaulting him on the 25th November, in a railway carriage, between Bingham and Aslockton Stations.

It appeared that a party were returning by train from Bingham Martinmas statues for the hiring of servants, and having taken too much strong drink, the defendant amonsgt the rest, some exciting screnes took place, and the complainant, who stated he was perfectly sober, and never spoke to the defendant, received a severe blow on the moth from the defendant.

The latter admitted his guilt, and also admitted that he was in an advanced state of intoxication; but pleaded in extenuation that he was grossly insulted by sveral of the passagers, but could not say that the complainant was one of them.

The plaintiff initmated that he did not wish to press the charge, and the Bench fined the defendant 10s. and 14s costs, which he paid.

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