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Granhma Journal
Saturday 23rd July 1892
Carriage Accident at Whatton

An accident occurred on Monday last, which might have proved a very serious one.

As Mr. W. Hardy, coachman to Mrs. D. Hall of Whatton Manor, was on his way to Aslockton Station to meet the midday train, the horse shied at a steam roller which was in use on the Grantham and Nottingham main road, and by a sudden veering roud, overturned the conveyance, a brougham, to which considerable damage was down.

The horse met with some cuts and brusies before being brought under control again, while Mr. Hardy fortunately exceped from his inevitable spill with a few bruises.

Had the carriage contained the lady whom it was on its way to pick up or, in fact, any occupant, the disaster would have been an alarming, if not fatal one.

Apparently, there was no signal to show the proximity of the roller, which was unexpectedly revealed by turning a sharp corner of the road.

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