Publications added

A number of documents have been added to the Publications section of the website. The documents are in Portable Document Format (PDF) and will open in a new tab. The earliest document dates from 1738.

We are continuing to work through the archive and will continue to update the Publication section over the next few months.

New article added

Whilst refiling my local history collection I came across notes for a talk that I gave to the Group in August 2007. The notes were quite detailed and I thought that they could be brought together to produce an article for the benefit of those who didn’t attend that talk 15 years ago. The result is published in the Articles section Aslockton – Iron-age Settlements. I am currently working on a PDF version which will include maps and some images, when finished it will be available in the Downloads section under the same title.

New Website

This new website is based on the WordPress framework. We are still in the process of adding new features, but the basic features have all been implemented.

We have changed to website to make it more accessible to different formats i.e. telephones and tablets as well as Desktop computers, with hopefully a cleaner less cluttered layout.

A great user benefit of the WordPress framework is the ‘Search’ function. Using the Search function from any page will search the whole website for the search term and show all the items that contain the word or words you have searched for.

The photograph Gallery is still be built. This is due to the fact that we are currently enhancing the old images to make them clearer. Where it is possible the images will be ‘colourized’.

The download and publication sections are also currently being ‘populated’ and may take a couple of weeks.

The Burials and Census database are a complex issue and we will be working to make them available by the end of November.

The old site is no longer available.

We welcome comments.